SMH Season 1

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Meeting with The TOP 15, May 1st 2011

Such! have already met the top 15 of "Such! Model Hunt" to have an informal interview/ chit chat and a photo test for all the girls who succeeded entering the top 15. We met at Pondok Indah Mal and we had such a great time. Unfortunately not all 15 girls could make it, so it was only 10 out of 15. Such! really happy and grateful to meet all of them, by that our vision of 'making friends' can really been accomplished. Subhanallah.... The work is not over yet, because we still have to choose 3 girls out of 15! Wow..
Ussiy Fauziah, a very sweet girl with cute smile. She owned an online shop as well at FB. 

She's very tall and beautiful, and she's very humble as well. Love her style too.. 

Nintaa.. The one that impressed me with her sincere smile. Kayanya senyum itu udah ekspresi "default"nya Ninta
I adore her spirit! 

Aini is very memorable, she's funny and I know that she's a hard worker. Sebelum our meeting, dia ada di gunung
lhoo..lagi ada tugas kampus.. but I really happy that she can make it ontime to the meeting

Shanty Lolita, goosh she's so sweet, a lil bit quiet and shy with cute chubby cheek. I like her so much! She went to college and also working! you go girl..

Riaa.. very beautiful.. recently she just graduated from her bachelor degree, congrats dear!

Nanda.. One word to describe her, HUMBLE! and I'm sure that she's kind of girl that you wanna hang out with
Well I do, unfortunately I haven't got the chance to do so. 

Mba Elly.. yes, you see the smile, right? she's pretty, right? Guys, you want to know more about her?
well you should ask for her hubby permission first! ahaha.. yes, she's married and have 1 son and yet still soooo beautiful and radiant! 

Nina Septiani (sorry for the misspell the name), very stylish! and she recently nominated as one of HiLo Ambassador. What a great achievement Nina.. :)

Riri, beautiful journalist who have a big passion in fashion. She's very sweet and polite. 

Icha.. pretty? yes.. humble? absolutely.. smart? of course.. single? NOPE! ahahaha..
she's married and have 2 yo son named Darrel.. She's a very great Mom, I can tell..

THE TOP 3 (Winner)


So we decided the 3 winner of Such! Model Hunt 1.. hey were Arninta Puspitasari, Elly Nurul and Annisa Herviana. We had our photoshoot at a studio in South Jakarta. The day was start so early because the phoshoot took all day. The photoshoot was sponsored by Wardah Cosmetics, they were willing to provide us their best Make Up Artist and transform us to be prettier ladies. Hehehe.. The photographer was Om Alfred from He's a professional photographer whose portfolio has spread all over Indonesia through magazine or ad campaign. 

The photoshoot was very fun and It was the first experience for all of us (the models) to have photoshoot like that. And the result of the photoshoot can be seen in Such! blog and I'll share to you some of them here. 

See? how beautiful they are.. Such! really thankful that they're willing to be our model and made our collection even brighter and beautiful to put on. Thank girls!