SMH Season 2

SMH Season 2

All Qualified Contestants are Uploaded, What's Next?

Assalamualaikum.. Tanggal 9 Oktober kemarin adalah hari terakhir pengiriman foto untuk ikut serta dalam "Such! Model Hunt 2". Subhanallah foto yang masuk ke email Such! total mencapai 239 foto. But unfortunatelly not all photos are qualified, for sure. We do really appreciate those of you who put many effort by sending your best pictures with angle as we asked for. Thank you very much. However, from those that qualified.. we still have to do selection before we published them to blog.. dan akhirnya alhamdulillah setelah melalui proses seleksi, kami pun akhirnya mempublish foto semua peserta "Such! Model Hunt 2" dengan total keseluruhan 114 peserta, foto-foto peserta yang qualified bisa dilihat di tab GALLERY.

Setelah ini, Such! akan lagi-lagi melakukan seleksi untuk menentukan 15 besar. Can you imagine? 15 out of 114 beautiful stunning girls?? It will be hard, for sure. Tapi mau gak mau, it has to be done. We will announce the top 15 by Oktober, 15th 2011. Setelah itu, para top 15 akan Such! berikan jadwal meeting bersama Such! untuk photo session individual dan sedikit wawancara dengan Such!

So, wish me luck ya! Its time to pick the best among the best!

Such! Model Hunt 2 TOP 20

Yeaayy! Finally.. We've made the decision.. Yup, its TOP 20, not 15.. Apparently we're having difficulties to shrink the total of 114 beautiful contestants to only 15.. WOW! We can't.. So, we decided to add 5 more top contestants and make it into TOP 20. Okay, bismillahirohmanirohim.. there are the TOP 20 *drumrolls*

Fiuhhh.. See? Cantik-cantik semua kan?? Inilah ke-20 besar dari "Such! Model Hunt 2". Selanjutnya, pihak Such! akan menghubungi 20 peserta satu per satu via email/ sms yang kemudian akan Such! beri jadwal untuk mengikuti tahap selanjutnya yaitu interview dan photo shoot test. Its kinda challenge for you girls! hehehe.. We're sure its gonna be fun and full of surprises! Interview dan pemotretan akan dilakukan di Jakarta, so hopefully those who live outside Jakarta can make it ya. For details of the date, time and place will be informed personally to you. 

Once again, congratulations yaa.. Bagi yang belum berhasil dan belum lolos tahap ini, jangan kecewa ya sayang... Believe in yourself, keep confident to reach your dream.. Never give up, and this is not the end.. Keep shining, keep inspiring beautiful.. 

Meet Up with The TOP 20

Hi Gorgeous!

Alhamdulillah Such! have held a meeting, photo shoot and interview with the TOP 20 of Such! Model Hunt 2.. Subhanallah all of them were stunning, pretty, nice, humble and it was a super fun day meeting all of them.. They're not only beautiful in the picture, but also in person.. And after get to know each of them, its making us more confuse to decide the top 5.. But insyaAllah every decision we've made, we start with Bismillahirohmanirohim.. Here the photos of us meeting at Studio Anggrek ..

Back (left-right): Tika, Dika. W, Zahra, Tasya, Natasha, Novie, Ludmilla, Eckie, Elok, Ucha, Ajeng, Nola
Front (left-right): Anna, Uun, Suci, Intan, Synta, Dian

All girls get a goodie bag from Such! and The Dreams Cake

Very cute cupcakes and Cake in a jar from The Dreams Cake, thank youuu!!
Looking at the cupcake and jar cake, it looks cute yet yummy!

Meeting them was unforgettable experience, getting to know them is priceless. Thanks for all 18 girls (unfortunately 2 girls couldn't make it) who has come and thanks for share so many joy and happiness that day.

Thanks to Anggrek Studio for beautiful photos and of course thanks to The Dreams Cake for the lovely cupcake and jar cake (follow their twitter @Thedreamscake).

Next? I'll choose 5 girls out of 20 to join us in the next photoshoot for new collection of Such! yeayy.. excited..

Photographed by:
1. Andi Sumardi (Anggrek Studio)
2. Dino Arisdianto (Anggrek Studio)
3. Aspar Anggoro (@aspar_djonie) 


The Winners

Indah Novianti

Eckie Annisa


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